Step Back in Time at Dean’s Lounge, a Kings Cross Classic Reimagined for the 2020s

If you came of age in Sydney in the ’80s or ’90s, chances are you spent a few late nights curled up on a velour lounge at Dean’s Cafe. The doors were always open, a 20-cent coin for the jukebox would reward you with How Soon Is Now and the monstrous bowl of nachos was enough to feed big groups crowded around the small tables.

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New Opening: Meet Dean’s Lounge, Potts Points’ Late Night Cocktail Bar

Step back in time at Dean’s Lounge in Potts Point. While Dean’s Lounge is an exciting new opening for Sydney, it takes inspiration from Potts Point’s past.

Concrete Playground

This Potts Point bar has retro arcade games, a vintage jukebox and mac ‘n’ cheese jaffles

An old favourite is returning to Sydney in the form of a new Pott's Point bar. Dean's Lounge, which opened November 2020, is a reinvention of the old Dean's Cafe, which made its home in Kings Cross between 1976 and 2011.